“By far, the best hunting in the west is in limited-entry units requiring a lottery draw for a tag. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the process can be complicated and baffling to those unfamiliar with the different systems and bonus and preference points. To make matters worse, statistics for each unit vary widely. That is where the Percentage Tag program is a must for every hunter who wants to take advantage of limited-entry hunts. The data is all there, nicely organized in a fashion that is easy to follow. Let’s face it – hunting is competitive. The savvy hunter knows how to beat the odds. Percentage Tags will help you do just that!”
Jim Zumbo, Hunting Editor, Outdoor Life

“It seems like every year the regulation book grows more daunting and hunters are further compartmentalized, allowed to hunt only one unit, or in some cases, just a portion of a unit. The Oregon Tag Guide helps me cut through the maze of hunt choices, allowing me to focus on the quality hunts for which I am looking. The Oregon Tag Guide should be a part of every serious big game hunter’s preparation for the coming season.”
Gary Lewis, Author, Hunting Oregon


“If ever there was a practical book for hunters, this is it. A book for the bench, not the bathroom, authors Middleton and Moran prelude with concise directions on how their system works, then you can begin shooting, using the perforated pages as templates or actual targets for sighting-in your rifle for its most efficient zero. With each page representing a different bullet weight for nearly every caliber – from .223 Remington to the .577 Tyrannosaur. The Target Book will help you understand your bullet’s path and maximum point-blank range using only a 25-yard sight-in. Illustrated insets on each page will give a maximum effective range for that round for deer and elk, and where to hold for that range in real-world hunting scenarios. Middleton and Moran have turned complex calculations into ballistics for dummies, and it literally reads like a target. They call it The Target Book for North American Big Game, and I believe avid hunters will literally wear it out.”
Jeff H. Johnston, Assistant Editor, American Hunter, November 2003, National Rifle Association