The Oregon Tag Guide contains statistics on all of the 600+ limited-entry hunts for big game in Oregon. The key and unique feature of the Guide is that, along with all of the details for each hunt, it reveals the drawing odds for any hunter applying for the big game tag. Essentially, the Oregon Tag Guide reveals the effect of Oregon’s preference point system for issuing big-game tags. In the Guide, the specific chance of drawing a tag is forecasted for different preference points. Recent harvest success rates are provided as well.

The Oregon Tag Guide benefits anyone who applies for limited-entry big game hunts in Oregon, usually around 200,000 people. The Oregon Tag Guide stands above competitors with the high-quality information and value it provides to its users. The Guide is derived from data supplied by the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife. The projected percentages show the effects of Oregon’s preference point system. For each of this year’s hunts, it is presumed that the number of tags and applicants will be comparable to recent years. Actual results from the drawing will vary based upon significant changes in the number of tags or applicants (or both). The value of this guide lies in the fact that most hunts are consistent, and thus predictable. Each hunt listed in this guide is being offered by Oregon this year. Some of the hunts were not offered in previous years and are shown as *NEW for 2012*. The new hunts have no history and thus no projection is made for the chance of drawing a tag.

Those who read the Guide closely will discover hunts that are overlooked along with hunts that are overrated. Using the Oregon Tag Guide, you will better understand the drawing process. You can make an informed decision when selecting a big game hunt and take control of your hunting opportunities. The Oregon Tag Guide should be used in conjunction with the current Oregon Big Game Regulations. Always confirm the hunt number in the regulations.

Discover the effects of making a 2nd choice, applying as a group, or being a non-resident. There is strategic advice for youths as well. The 140+ page Oregon Tag Guide also includes information about leftover tags, raffle hunts and auction hunts, Oregon sky tables, wildlife unit maps, Oregon’s top Boone & Crockett entries, magnetic declination, binocular basics, maximum effective range, sighting-in your rifle, a sampling of targets for certain cartridges, bullet-drop Images, contacts for ODFW and public land offices, a hunting camp checklist, and big game weights.Assistant Editor, American Hunter, November 2003, National Rifle Association